Aug 11,2023

My volunteering Experience

Aug 11,2023

My volunteering Experience


Volunteering in St.Anthony Orphanage in Songea was a wonderful experience and a lifelong dream that came true.


I spent most of my time with children between the age of 5 and 12, with whom you can easily connect. In our universe were ball games, sand games, coloring and drawing that they adore, dancing and other socializing during their daily duties (doing laundry, watering the garden and washing dishes). Their love seems to have poured into me because they have so much of it and they give it joyfully.  And when I write this, I don't know how to put it all out in a few sentences... words cannot convey all this experienced closeness and sense of community. 


 S vrticancima



Always cheerfully mooded with a smile that is contagious,  for me that was therapy that heals the soul. 

It was a true mutual gift of love, attention and connection that can never be forgotten.


..... Love has no boundaries, knows no place and lasts in time...


Višnja Jendrašić- Zeman






Igra u pijesku