Our volunteers are active in Croatia & Tanzania. In Croatia they volunteer in a Home for Abandoned Children. In Tanzania they volunteer in our orphanage where they also participate in the Project of Godparents. Volunteers also participate in humanitarian work organized for helping poor and needy families in Croatia, and collecting aid for the orphanage of St. Anthony in Tanzania.

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Image with volunteers and kids.
Image with volunteers and kids.
Image with volunteers and kids.
Image with volunteers and kids.

Application process

To apply for volunteering, a person needs to:

  • Send CV, cover letter and evidence of no criminal record
  • Pass the psychological tests determining the ability to work with children organized by Association
  • Pass the preparation courses organized by Association

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Volunteering in Tanzania

It is possible to volunteer in Tanzania for 2 months (or more) or a shorter period of time (at least one month).

For the volunteers who will stay in Tanzania for at least 2 months, accommodation and food are provided in the Orphanage and expenses are covered by the Association.

Individuals who will volunteer in our Orphanage for a minimum of 1 month need to cover expenses of accommodation and food in the Guest House near our Orphanage by themselves while the Association provides them with 2 meals per day

The accommodation expenses in the Guest House are around 10.000 TSH (approximately 4,5 €) per day while the price of meals varies depending on the model of accommodation (bed and breakfast with or without lunch, or lunch-only model). The expenses of sleeping and 1 meal are around 17 000 TSH (approximately 7 €) per day.

Part-time volunteers will help in the Orphanage by mentoring the children every afternoon from 2:00 pm until 6:30 pm (a maximum of 5 hours per day).


The Association holds 3-month preparations 2 times a year: September/October and January/February.

Volunteers prepare for volunteering in Tanzania in the orphanage in Zagreb, unless otherwise agreed. During the preparations, the volunteers learn the basics of Swahili (the official language of Tanzania), culture and customs in Tanzania as well as the rules and obligations of the Association in both Croatia and Tanzania. The final part of the preparation is the organization of a charity event to collect aid for the orphanage or poor and families in need in Croatia.

If the requirements are fulfilled, before going to Tanzania, the Association and the volunteer sign a Volunteering Contract implying obligations for both sides.

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