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The charity association "Kolajna ljubavi" was established to help the most vulnerable ones in Croatia, Tanzania, and the rest of the world. The Association founder is Ivana Marasović. One year of missionary experience among the poorest in the African country of Tanzania inspired Ivana to form association and advance her charity work.

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Our volunteers are active in Croatia and Tanzania. In Croatia they volunteer in a Home for Abandoned Children. In Tanzania they volunteer in our orphanage where they also participate in the Project of Godparents. Volunteers also participate in humanitarian work organized for helping poor and needy families in Croatia, and collecting aid for the orphanage of St. Anthony / Sv. Ante in Tanzania.

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Good deeds are the links that make the chain (kolajnu) of love (ljubavi) - Mother Theresa

Our Blog

Nov 13,2023 | Zagreb- centar Prekrižje

There is no greater recognition!

Ines Bralić is our long-term volunteer who has been selflessly giving her time and positive energy for our association and children without parental care in Zagreb for 5 years.

She improve...

Nov 12,2023 | Sirotište sv.Ante, Tanzanija

Auntie as my favorite nickname.

"Tell me how was it?" – the main sentence of family and friends after a month of volunteering in an orphanage in Africa.


 Whatever is said, no word can describe that experience and the feelings you experience while, in my opinion, you are in the happiest place on the planet, but here I will do my best.


Oct 20,2023 | Sirotište sv.Ante, Tanzanija

A hug that is remembered

Experience of our volunteer Zorica P.


My one-month experience in Africa, more specifically in Tanzania (Songea ) was unforgettable. The first step on this land I will never forget. Muddy and dirty, yet humanly tolerable, faces unknown, the children approached me and met me but I also met them. There is so much warmth and cordiality...


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