Project for the women of Africa: Croatian Wings of Help

Project for the women of Africa: Croatian Wings of Help

"Croatian Wings of Help" is the title of the new project led by the Association Kolajna ljubavi, started on January 1, 2024, in Kenya and Tanzania.


Here's what we do and who we assist:


- 10 girls, high school graduates - impoverished girls, orphans, or those without one parent who have successfully passed the national final exam and have been granted the right to enroll in college. However, due to the costs of tuition, accommodation, meals, and other necessities, this dream becomes unattainable for them. We provide financial assistance to help these young women continue their education, thereby strengthening the role of women in communities.


- 15 young female artisans who have completed vocational school will be equipped with tools and assistance to start their businesses. Through supporting female entrepreneurs, we contribute to the sustainable economic development of African countries.

- 2 Croatian physiotherapists are training staff and sharing their knowledge in local hospitals and institutions in Tanzania and Kenya.

- 25 neglected children, confined in the house and completely isolated from the world, due to their physical condition and the poverty of their families through this project will be provided with rehabilitation and procure aids that will ensure their mobility.

- In the neighborhood of our Small Home in Songea, we are continuing creative workshops led by women, as well as computer education for girls and young women. This is our way to further support gender equality and empower women in the community.

We are honored that the project ”Croatian Wings of Help” has been chosen among 11 worthwhile projects to be co-financed with funds from the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Republic of Croatia for 65,379.00 euros. The project will last until June 30, 2025.