"Hand of Support” and ”Hand of Clean Support"

"Hand of Support” and ”Hand of Clean Support"

In 2024, Charity organization Kolajna ljubavi implemented and completed two major humanitarian projects in Croatia: "Hand of Support" and "Hand of Clean Support". 


Both projects were aimed to help families from the Imotska Krajina region, with extremely low living standards. 

The first project focused on distributing food, while the second provided hygiene products. Additionally, both projects included a series of high-quality workshops for children and adults, covering topics beneficial for everyday life. During these workshops, participants had the opportunity to create handmade cosmetics and household cleaning products.

We are extremely pleased that the prepared food and hygiene packages reached the residents for whom such assistance is of great help in meeting their basic life needs. 


Both projects were funded by the European Aid Fund for the most deprived (FEAD):

"Hand of Clean Support" with 265.210,00 euros (1.998.224,75 Croatian kunas), while "Hand of Support" with 3.607.031,84 kunas.

Due to the recognition of the poor living conditions throughout the Imotska Krajina region, we have realized the significant need for such projects. Therefore, we will continue to apply for similar projects in the future.